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Cook Like a Local at Home

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Cook Like a Local at Home

Cook Like a Local at Home

Cook Like a Local at Home with Sunita Basnet

Sunita Basnet, grows her own food in her small home-garden and believes that the energy that one puts in your food is what really gives its real flavour. She is passionate about animals and raises chicken, ducks, cows and her lovely dogs. It is an absolute delight in her house. The house is modern yet built with complete newari tradition, which adds to the experience.

You can pick your own veggies (according to season), and dwelve into learning and cooking your own Nepali food –Dal Bhat and end it with a delicious cup of “Chiya” Nepali Tea at her loving home with a beautiful garden.

Take your time to cook and connect with people whilst experiencing their authentic. Come build a community while you travel.

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