The Explore Nepal Group is environmentally friendly by design. We have been pioneering sustainable and responsible tourism and travel in Nepal since 1988. We do not talk about sustainability and having a positive environmental impact as a means to attract business. It is part of who we are and how we want to live our lives, so is therefore an integral and fundamental part of our business.

Organic by Default and Design

All of our restaurants and kitchens (at our hotels for example) provide great tasting food freshly prepared using organic ingredients*. Many of these ingredients (rice, seasonal vegetables, flour) come from our own farm at Gundu Farm House. Others are sourced from our sister company Kheti Bazaar (a Kathmandu-based organic farm shop) who in turn source their fruits, vegetables, honey, eggs etc. from organic farms throughout Nepal (including our own Gundu Farm House).

We do not believe that eating organic food is a privilege, but a right. We actively campaign against GMOs, pesticides and harmful agricultural practices within Nepal.

Through our Gundu Farm House we also provide training to Nepali farmers and hope to be a living example of what is possible through organic farming and a permaculture approach.

*Organic meat is not readily available in Nepal and organic eggs are not always available.

Partnering in Local Waste Management

Doko Recyclers bins
Doko Recyclers | Supported by The Explore Nepal Group

The Explore Nepal Group is partnering with local waste management service provider “Doko Recyclers” to ensure all the non-bio degradable waste produced is recycled and not carelessly discarded. We strive to be plastic-free but since it is unrealistic in the current context, we try to keep its use minimal and ensure whatever remains is recycled via Doko recyclers.