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Architectural & Social Sustainability

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Architectural & Social Sustainability

Along with environmental and social sustainability, The Explore Nepal Group is passionate about conserving Nepal’s rich architectural heritage. Learn about our heritage buildings and other projects

Kantipur Temple House, Kathmandu

Built in 1997 and opened in December 1998, Kantipur Temple House located in the heart of Thamel, is a superb example of Malla era-inspired, Newari architecture. Take a look at this short video by Media India Group in 2017. Kanitpur Temple House is renowned for being an oasis in the centre of bustling Thamel and is a great place to stop for breakfast lunch or dinner or a relaxing cup of tea or coffee in the recently opened “Hiti Café” tucked away behind the ornately carved wooden spouts of the courtyards fountain.

Kantipur Temple House

Video Feature by Media India Group

Bhojan Griha, Kathmandu

Bhojan Griha in Kathmandu city, which was once the residence of the King’s Priest. After the end of the monarchy, the then priest left the building and it fell into disrepair. Bharat Basnet, founder of The Explore Nepal Group was able to take this building on under rent and has turned it around from a derelict building into a stunning organic restaurant serving traditional Nepali cuisine with ethnic performances every evening.

Also inside this building and its compound is Kheti Bazaar, an organic farm shop run by Bharat’s eldest daughter, Subechhya. Khali Khutta, a company making modern styled, sustainable handmade Nepali products is also found in Bhojan Griha.


Bhojan Griha

Authentic Nepali Restaurant in Kathmandu

After-earthquake Works by The Explore Nepal Group

Learn about the various rebuilding works led by The Explore Nepal Group after the disastrous 2015 earthquake in Nepal